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A very brief testimony
I graduated from High School with a 1.7 on a 4 point scale. I tested "borderline mentally retarded." I was told I was too "dumb" to go to college.

I was a defiant verbal committed atheist. I was drunk for my high school commencement. I used to think the Bible was “holey” – like full of holes. I liked to talk to Christians because they did not know what they were talking about and were easy to confuse. Then I met some people who introduced me to the verifiable quantifiable facts.

God used that to change my life. Since then by God's grace I have over a quarter of a century of formal education, graduated seven more times - AA, AAS, BS, MA, Ed.S. and two certificates. Last time tested I went from borderline "mentally retarded" to the upper 2%. I have written several books and numerous articles and spent thousands of hours studying personal growth and apologetics. That is an act of God by the grace of God. 
If I don't share this stuff I'll bust !