It’s a tentmaker thing

Why are we not a 501c3? Why do we not accept love offerings? The simple answer is it’s a tentmaker thing. The Bible gives two patterns of support for ministry. They are both viable and useful. One is that the Christian teacher is worthy of double honor. He has the power to bring his wife with him and receive full support from the fruits of his ministry. The other is often today viewed as a stop gap measure used only when full time support in not available. However, working a trade, profession or personal independent support is equally viable. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. I have “chosen” the tentmaker model because I believe that is the method God has chosen for me personally and I can afford it. It avoids all issues of impropriety in giving because no giving is accepted. Money is generated by 1. Direct sales of product 2. Expenses only fees to individual local churches and nonprofits 3. Speaker fees and product sales to larger venues. I do not suggest this pattern for everyone. One Biblical pattern is not necessarily superior to another. Tentmaking is simply what I believe God has for me personally. Thank you for respecting the direction God has given me. Please follow the Biblical admission to tithe to your local church and support propagation of the gospel.