Joseph K. O’Lear, Community Apologist

Although I currently am at the point in my life where I do not need to work to maintain the standard of living at which my wife and I are comfortable with; not working is an unbiblical and unhealthy lifestyle. I am currently starting a speaking and writing business focusing on rational reasons to be a Christian - apologetics as well as personal growth from a biblical perspective. This is a role I have been growing in for about 45 years.

I am currently by vocation and avocation an apologist.
I am here to serve Christ any time, any place, in anyway as He enables -
M.A. (2yr) Cross-cultural studies with a specialization is church planting.
Ed.S. Social Science Education
Cross cultural experience in Europe, Africa, and United States of America
ESOL endorsed
Speaker and author in apologetics and personal growth from a Biblical perspective

DOB 31DEC1949
2000 Gail Court
Panama City, FL 32405-3635
Home: 850.784.4794
Cellular/Office: 850.624.4534
Email: jkolear@thinklikeachristian.com
Web Site: www.thinklikeachristian.com

Business Think Like A Christian, Speaker & Writer on rational reasons to be a Christian and personal growth from a Biblical perspective
Community Apologist
Sunday School teacher Covenant Presbyterian Church Panama City, FL

Wedding Anniversary: 11OCT
Wife: Sue - Graduate B.A. Grove City College, 10 years Christian School teacher, State of Florida employee
Adult Children:
J. Aaron – Honorable Discharge US Navy (Recruiter), Graduate Troy State B.S., Insurance Sales, security, management
Joel K. - Honorable Discharge US Marines, Deputy Sheriff in Louisiana- Crime Lab Criminologist, Honors Graduate Concordia University B.S.
Three Granddaughters - Alexandria, Elizabeth, Madeleine

I have come to understand that what I am is a teacher. Whatever I may do, I am in teacher mode. Until Jesus takes me home as a part of a local church staff and in my own business: continue teaching by speaking, writing, publishing, [S.W.E.P.’M. – Speaking, Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing] and producing in the area of evangelism, discipleship, and apologetics. “Psalm 92:14 "They will still yield fruit in old age; they shall be full of sap and very green,” NASV 1995

Basically, you could divide my work life up into fifths each sprinkled with portions of about a quarter of a century of formal education. FIRST - I spent two honorable tours in the US Army separated by a decade. SECOND - I have about 10 years experience in the auto repair industry. THIRD - For about 20 years, I was in criminal justice. FOURTH - I have now chosen to be an educator, which is the mode actually, I have been in all my life. FIFTH - I do not believe that what is traditional “retirement” today is a Biblical concept. Humans are most happy when they are working with a sense of purpose. Now draw a pension and access such funds as are available to me. I am able to live at the standard of living at which I have chosen to live. From then until I die and go to heaven I intend to continue teaching by speaking, writing, publishing, and marketing in an evangelism, discipleship, and apologetics ministry through a local church and in my own business.

National Speakers Association Central Florida Chapter Speakers Academy 08-09 - Graduated

Joined Toastmasters 09/30/2010 Destin Toastmasters
ACB 02/15/2012
CC 05/19/2011

Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) MAR13
Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) 05/19/2011

Club Sergeant at Arms Destin Toastmasters 07/01/2011 - 06/30/2012
Interim VPE unchartered Club Panama City Toastmasters 06/2012- 2012

Area 54 Toastmasters International Speech Contest March 2013 2nd Place
Area 54 Toastmasters Speech Evaluation Contest March 2013 2nd Place
Destin Toastmasters International Speech Contest First Place February 2013
Destin Toastmasters Speech Evaluation Contest First Place February 2013
Area 54 toastmasters International Speech Contest First Place April 2012
Destin Toastmasters International Speech Contest 1st Place
Destin Toastmasters 2011 Table Topics 1st Place
Division E Table Topics 2nd August 26, 2011
District 77 Area 54 International Speech Contest 1st place
Area 54 Table Topics 1st Place August 19, 2011
Destin Toastmasters Speech Contest Winner 2011

Certified Speaking teacher expires 06/30/2017

Years of experience as teacher, trainer, Sunday School teacher

SEMINARS AVAILABLE (and under development)

CON-VOLUTIONS - Creation vs. Evolution
IS THE BIBLE BIBLICAL - Biblical Reliability
DISCIPLESHIP 101 - Christian Discipleship
LADDER OF SUCCESS - Personal Growth from a Biblical Perspective (course I)
DEVELOPING OUR OWN HUMANITY - Personal Growth from a Biblical Perspective (course II)
REDEMPTIVE HISTORY - A Biblical View of History


1964 – 1968 Flint Central High School; Three Years Auto Shop; 1968 Diploma
1968 – 1969 Flint Junior College (Now C.S. Community College)
1972 – 1974 Culver City Community College (Now: West Los Angeles City College), 1974 Associate in Arts – Social Science
1974 -1974 Asbury College
1976 – 1978 Ferris State College, 1978 Associate in Applied Science – Automotive Body Repair
University of The State of New York Board of Regents External Degrees 1978 Bachelor of
Science in Liberal Arts - Developed and Completed Pre-Missiology Program
1978 – 1983 Fuller Theological Seminary 1983 Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies - Developed and Completed a two year masters Program in Church Planting
1987 – various other dates and at present (part-time) Gulf Coast Community College – 1987 - Correctional Officer Basic Standards, (maximum authorized) Law Enforcement Incentive Courses, other college credit and Encore courses
1988 – Indian River Community College - Vero Beach Campus, 1988 - Correctional Probation Officer Standards, Law Enforcement Incentive Courses
1988 - Lake City Community College Law Enforcement Incentive Courses
2006 - University of West Florida Online graduate course
2004 – 2008 Florida State University – Panama City Ed.S. Social Science Education (emphasis history)

I have about 25 years of formal education with an Associate in Arts – in Liberal Arts, an Associate in Applied Science – in Automotive Body Repair, a Bachelor of Science – in Liberal Arts, and a Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies (two-year master’s). Additionally I have college certificates in Correctional Officer Basic Standards, Correctional Probation Officer Standards and I took all of the Law Enforcement Incentive Courses provided through the Law Enforcement Incentive program. I have currently about 350 hours of undergraduate credit in semester hours. Graduated FSU-PC Ed.S. Social Science Education 2008. I currently have about 70 hours of graduate school credit in semester hours.

1967 NAUI SCUBA certified; PADI SCUBA Certified ADV O/W (2008), EAD (2008) PPB (2008), EOP (2012), RESCUE (2012), EFR (2012), NIGHT (2013) DEEP, WRECK, PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER
1969 US Army Basic Combat Training, Fort Knox Kentucky
1969 US Army Combat Medic Training, Fort Sam Houston, TX
1970 US Army E.E.N.T. Specialist Training, Academic portion Fort Sam Houston, OJT portion Fort Knox, KY
1970 OJT Electronystagmography Training, OJT training as a surgical assistant Fort Belvoir, VA
1970 State Side Viet Nam Training
1970 OJT Dispensing Optician training Heidelberg (then) West Germany
1971 International Drivers License
1980 Auto Physical Damage Adjustor Training with Farmer Group Insurance Company (Number 3 Insurance Company in the country at that time)
1983 US Army Basic Combat Training (repeated due to an eleven-year separation in service. I went back through Basic at age 33) Fort Knox KY
1983 Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
1984 US Army Tire School
1995 Human Diversity Instructor’s Course for the Criminal Justice Officer
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Training Basic Sailing and Seamanship
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Training Global Positioning System
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Training Basic and Advanced Coastal Navigation
Several times, I have completed Red Cross First Aid and CPR training
Numerous teacher training workshops
I am self-taught in computer skills. Most people consider me above average and often come to me for assistance. I can produce in Word, Excel, Publisher, Front page, AS400, and Horizons.
Graduated from The National Speakers Association of Central Florida Speakers Academy. 2008-2009.
Currently enrolled The National Speakers Association Academy of Professional Speakers
Currently active in Toastmasters


In between jobs, student jobs, second jobs, and other work experiences have included bus boy, factory worker, milling machine operator (high security Lockheed “Skunk Works”), McDonald’s, toilet cleaner (for $1.90 and hour tuition assistance), summer farm work, three and a half years Boy Scout summer camp staff, YMCA summer camp staff, County Garage mechanic, pizza maker, pizza delivery, Security Guard at Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Security Guard at motels during spring break, and many other interesting growth experiences have given me a well rounded perspective which allows me to relate to most people.

1969 - 1972
From E-1 to E-5 Combat Medic & E.E.N.T. Specialist
Fort Knox, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Belvoir, Fort Lewis, Fort Dix, what was West
Germany -
Honorable Discharge 1972
From E-3 to E-5 (Masters degree and too old by one year to be an officer. I went back through Basic Training at age 33. ) Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic & Assisted Criminal Investigation Division in what was West Germany - Honorable Discharge 1983

Various Dates From 1964 to 1987 (About 10 Years Total)
Three Years High School Auto Shop
Auto Body Helper, Painter’s Helper, Body Man, Assistant Shop Manager, Shop Manager, Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Auto Physical Damage Adjustor

1986 -1988
Correctional Officer Bay County Jail
Floor officer, control room, outside security, booking officer, high security officer,
medical floor officer, protective custody officer, hospital off site officer
1988 - 2003
State of Florida Correctional Probation Officer
Case Load Officer, Investigations experience, Court experience, Community Control Officer, Youthful Offender Officer


Florida Department of Law Enforcement Instructor
2004 – 2004
Paraprofessional - St Andrew Elementary School Panama City FL
Reason for leaving: Hired as a teacher
Teacher: St Andrew Elementary School Panama City. FL
Subject: 4th & 5th Grade ESE
Reason for leaving: Let go prior to end of probation period reason unknown given good recommendation.
Facilitator: Everett Middle School Panama City, FL 2004 (paraprofessional but working
as a teacher) ESE Inclusion rotation through ten different classes
Reason for leaving: Hired as a teacher
Teacher Bay High School Panama City, FL
Subject: ESE Inclusion co-teacher World History and Personal Fitness and sole teacher
class ESE Math (elementary level)
Reason for leaving: Was recommended to return but wanted the challenge of working at New Horizon (Alternative School)
Teacher: New Horizon Learning Center Panama City, FL
Subject: Math briefly then Learning Strategies and Personal Social and Career
Reason for leaving: School lost positions (on annual contract)
2006- 2007
Teacher: Bay High School Panama City, FL
Subject: ESE Reading
Reason for leaving: School lost positions
Teacher: Everitt Middle School
Subject: Support Facilitation
Reason for change: this move was to fill student needs
Teacher: Everitt Middle School
Subject: Support Facilitation plus teaching a 7th grade Intensive Math and 7th grade Life Science class
Reason for change: This move was to fill a vacancy left by another teacher
Teacher: Everitt Middle School
Subject: Intensive Reading 7th and 8th grade including a block reading class and a 7th grade Language Arts class
Reason for leaving: School lost positions (on annual contract)
Teacher: Vernon High School Vernon, FL
Subject: 11th grade English, 9th-12th Speech, 11th grade English Honors
Reason for leaving: End of Contract (on annual contract)
Teacher: Eagle Nest Christian Academy Panama City, FL
Subject: High School Geography, World History, US History, Government, Economics
Reason for leaving: We were notified on 11/21/08 that as of 11/30/08 the school had run out of money to pay teachers.
2008 – 2010
Teacher: Bay District Schools (Active/Intermittent)
Subject: Teacher/Paraprofessional Master Substitute
Teacher: Reading Rutherford High School
Subject: Reading Mixed High School Grades
Reason for leaving: Administration refused to enforce school rules
2008 –
Teacher: Bay District Schools (Active/Intermittent)
Subject: Teacher/Paraprofessional Master Substitute
2011- 2012
Teacher: Covenant Christian School – Covenant Presbyterian Church Panama City, FL
Subject: Senior Honors Bible/Apologetics

In a very real sense, I have been in teacher mode all of my life It is my style of leadership, ministry, and counseling. It is my natural talent.


I have much experience in teaching in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts (adult leader), military, industrial, and church. In public schools I have been a paraprofessional and/or teacher in elementary school, middle school, and high school, mostly but not exclusively, ESE/SED. I have also served as a college adjunct, as well as in private Christian school. I have many days of substitute teaching. I concluded public school teaching and began my state pension.

K-12: ESOL, ESE, Humanities K-12, and Reading K-12
K-9: I am certified to teach any core subject
6-12: All Social Sciences, Speech 6-12, and English 6-12.

That is currently eight Subject Area Certifications: ESE, Humanities K-12, K-6, MGIC,
SS 5-9, SS 6-12, ENG 6-12, Speech 6-12

Two Endorsements – ESOL, Reading
Professional Certifications expires 2012-Present30JUN17
Per Social Science Department at Gulf Coast Community College, I am qualified to teach Dual Enrolled history courses. I have about 30 graduate hours in history.
The area in which I am most qualified is history, having almost two graduate degrees with the majority of elective course work in that area. (SS 5-9, SS 6-12)
Also Bible and Apologetics based on undergraduate work, graduate work and over four decades of personal study. (Humanities K-12)

Education is not a thing to be learned. Rather it is a lifestyle to be caught. Enthusiasm is caught not taught. Learning requires enthusiasm. Therefore, he who would be an educator must first and foremost be an enthusiastic learner. Education has three phases and real education can never occur without all of them. They are:

First Teaching – The passing on of information. Get the information from the head of the teacher into the head of the learner. You can get this kind of teaching from a computer. That does not make it unimportant.

Second Training – The development of real world skills. You can study a thing academically all you like, however that will never get you the actual experience of how to apply it or the motor movements. It can help you improve those applications and movements. However, the actual skill must come from the real world application of the actual skill. If it is wrestling, you must perfect the pin. If it is history, you must learn how sources convert to historiography and then how to take informed action based on real life f it is English, you must learn how to communicate, debate, persuade, speak, think, read, write, and evaluate words in all contexts of real life. You must get training from a coach.

Third Building – The transmission of passion. Building mere students into passionate learners can never be taught. It must be caught. The teacher must have a contagious passion and enthusiasm for learning and be able to articulate and demonstrate the real world benefits of that passion to real life. Teachers who are mere teachers develop students who are mere students. Teachers who are real learners develop mere students who become real learners. You must get building from a mentor and friend with a passion and something to share.

To be a teacher you must be a source of usable information, a coach, a passionate and enthusiastic learner, mentor and friend. No learning occurs without real behavioral change. It enters through the eyes and ears. It circles around and around the brain. It settles and grows in the heart until it has no choice, it will, it must come out through the hands and feet. As a cup that runs over still begs to continue to be filled yet more, that is learning. It refreshes not only itself - also everyone around it.

Students may come in.
However, I want no students to leave my classroom, only learners.


Places Lived: Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, California, Heidelberg West Germany, Pirmasens West Germany
Extended Cultural Exposure: Attended graduate school with students from all over the world. Much of the time, I was the only American in the class. Lived in housing for international students. Lived in West Germany about 4 years. I have been exposed to nearly every sub cultural segment in America from those deemed among the very worst to some of those deemed the best.
I lived on a sailboat for about 6 years.


I have many hours experience in teaching, preaching, counseling, and training. I have baptized, buried, and worked visitation and evangelism. That experience spans virtually every aspect of ministry and many North American cultures and sub-cultures.

1970-1972 In the Army deeply involved with a city wide youth ministry and the Christian Servicemen’s center, started Bible studies, very involved in the Navigators
1972-1974 Associate Minister in Training at the heart of the 70’s youth culture at Venice Beach CA. My wife and I developed and delivered small group Christian marriage seminars.
1974-1974 Assistant Pastor with a very traditional very rural Nazarene Church
1974-1976 I worked with an Evangelical Covenant Church, a Baptist church and house churches
1976-1978- I worked with a Pentecostal Church, an Independent church plant and house churches
1979-1983 I was involved in the children’s ministry of Lake Avenue Congregational Church (3,000+ members) I worked with a newly established Filipino church and an American Baptist Church
1983-1986 I was active in the army chapel, started, and lead discipleship seminars and Bible studies.
1986-1989 I was involved in the United Methodist Church
1989-1998 I was in a family situation that was deteriorating and it was a very difficult time for me, however I wrote several books and developed discipleship training seminars.
1998-1999 I was involved with a dying PCA church, started evangelism training program and was ordained as a ruling elder. I was deeply involved with discipleship training.
1999-2003 Did some teaching and discipleship training
2003-2009 Deeply involved in a PCA Mission Church Panama City Beach, FL
2009-2010 Covenant Presbyterian Church Panama City, FL SS teacher and Volunteer Bible/Apologetics Teacher at Covenant Christian School
2010 -Present Covenant Presbyterian Church Panama City, FL SS teacher
2012- 2013 Started Apologetics Club at GCSC Panama City FL and serve as primary presenter


Although most of my formal education has been in secular schools I have actively engaged in what I call counter-education. As issues have come up regarding questions and worldview issued I have studied subject areas from a biblical perspective. Most importantly as I have been activity involved in discipleship and evangelism I have maintained the view that there is nothing wrong with not knowing the answer to a question the first time you are asked. Those confronting points of ignorance has served as opportunities for growth by writing down the question and contact information finding out the answers and getting back with the one who asked the question. Thus the praetorium of the world has served as the very best practical training ground. I was not raise in a Christian home. I was an atheist and evolutionist before I became a Christina. I have spent thousands of hours over the last forty five years ferreting out apologetics issues. It has become a passion on which I have published and developed and delivered seminars, formed apologetics groups and taught courses.
I had no church background at all. I was a verbal defiant atheist. Because of my childhood background I could not, I would not trust anybody. However, I was a searcher. I could out argue any Christian I had met, and to my shame confused many. One day I met some Christians who knew more than I did, much more. They showed me the scientific proofs, the Biblical textual reliability, the prophetic proofs, the historical proofs, the archeological proofs, the logical proofs, the whole gambit of traditional apologetics. It was/is overwhelming. I came to a saving faith only by the grace of God drawing me to himself, in part, through that means. I gave my life to the one who already owned it next to a log in the Michigan woods the summer of 1968.

I had adopted a policy throughout my life of getting involved with a growing Bible centered fellowship of believers wherever I lived. God led me down a convoluted path of growth, training and background which has included working with United Methodist, Navigators, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, a Filipino mission church in California, as an intern, American Baptist, various Independent Churches, Evangelical Covenant as Youth Pastor, house churches as the pastor, Pentecostal churches, Nazarene churches as Assistant Pastor, Southern Baptist, Episcopal Church, and now I am in the Presbyterian Church in America. All of this has clarified my theology for me.

I have not been a church hopper. I have simply affiliated with an active Bible believing church wherever I have been and I have been a lot of places. Between attending seven different post secondary schools, two graduate schools, and two tours in the army, God has led me from Michigan, to Kentucky, Virginia, (then) West Germany, California, back to Kentucky (another area), back to Michigan (two different areas), back to California (another area), back to Michigan (another area), back to Kentucky, to South Carolina, back to then West Germany (another area), to Panama City, Florida. I have been here in Panama City, Florida the longest I have lived anywhere else in my life. I have been here since 1986
Having had virtually no church background in my youth, after I became a Christian I ravished the Word of God. First, I studied a Scofield Bible (and all the ramifications of that dispensational perspective) perhaps partly in reaction I moved to conservative Methodism. I have relocated many times due to military and school. It has been my habit to join the strongest Bible believing church wherever I was. As a result, I have been involved in many denominations and have a broad and beneficial exposure to the majority of mainline evangelical churches.

I have, in the past, tongue in cheek referred to myself, as I would describe my understanding of “Biblical theology” and opposed to man’s attempts at describing theology apart from the directly quoting God’s Word, by calling my self a “Calminin” for having understood that the Bible stood between Calvinism and Arminianism, a “Fundycostal” for having understood that the Bible stood between fundamentalism and Pentecostalism, a “Pan-millennialist” for having understood that every thing would pan out all right in the end and that all of the multi-views of the end of times was in God’s hands not mine.

I have moved from that middle of the road “mainstream evangelical” position to a more historically reformed position. It has been a long journey. But then I started out well behind most. In recent years, I have come to what I believe to be the purest expression of Christian theology are doctrines of the historic reformed faith as expressed in the Westminster Standards, The Three forms of Unity, the writings of John Calvin, Augustine, Edwards, Hodge, Turretin and other such men of like historic convictions.


What is ministry?
The word τρ;ϖ sharath {shaw-rath'} or diakoni,a diakonia {dee-ak-on-ee'-ah} both commonly translated ministry mean service for a reason. He who would serve must actually serve. As the axioms go, leadership consists of increasing the efficiency of others. A leader is someone who is being followed. Look behind you. If no one is following you whatever else you may be doing, you are not leading. However, toward what end are we to actually lead? Again, the answer is service. We are to enable others in their service. As Christ said, “…whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many." Mark 10:44, 45

Service to what?
It is service to Christ. We are not simply to choose what service is convenient to us. Rather we are to have on our heart the same thing that Christ has on His heart. It is not simply what someone wants from us as a human servant. It is service to Christ to exercise our common privilege of participation with Him accomplishing His will. As Christ said, "...Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you." John 20:21

What is His will?
What is it that is the drumbeat, the heartbeat, the core pulse of the revealed will of God? It is the salvation and restoration of God’s people. Whatever portion we have been made stewards of, whatever gifts we are given, whatever talents we are charged with we are to use them so as to expand, endow, and enable others to accomplish that which the is the goal of the kingdom of God. As Christ said, "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10

How are we to do this?
It is our obedience to the revealed will of God. As Christ said, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Matthew 28:19 Our obedience includes obedience to this last command which is, “Go ye therefore, and …”

What are the means Christ has provided to accomplish His will?
We are through service to Christ, to accomplish His will, by His means, with His method in His timing- with whatever Biblical method God has providentially given us to use, whatever gifts and talents God has provided us with, whatever opportunities God has set us in we are to follow His example and the examples of those He has set before us so as to “… proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.” Colossians 1:28, 29

News Herald Panama City, FL News Paper (numberous)
“American Correctional Association Magazine”
“Black Belt Magazine”
Book s
An Introduction to Personal Growth The ladder of Success, How to find It, How to Climb It, How to Avoid Falling Off It
ISBN: 0970126816
LCCN: 00-191023
F.A.Q.’S Frequently Asked Questions
ISBN: 0970126824
LCCN: 00-192024
A Devotional Notebook John and Paul
ISBN: 0970126808
LCCN: 00-191022
Revisions of these and several new books are in progress

Boy Scout Life rank – was highest in troop
Patrol Leader
Senior Patrol Leader
Junior Assistant Scout Master
Dean’s List Ferris State College
Dean’s List Gulf Coast Community College
Academic Award (highest in class) Correctional Officer Standards
Academic Award (highest in class) Correctional Probation Officer Standards
Billy Bowlegs Judo Competition 3rd place in age class
Numerous commendations and positive reference letters
During both tours of service, I was promoted to Sergeant (E-5) more rapidly than normal.
First Place in Meal Ready to Eat - MRE Cooking Post Competition Pirmasens West Germany
National Defense Service Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Army Service Ribbon
Minuteman pin
Meals-Ready-to-Eat Cooking Competition 1st place post wide won for company

USJA - Judo Brown Belt, ATA Songahm Taekwondo Red Belt, Military Defensive Tactics, Pressure Points Control Tactics Instructor (and a renewal course), Florida Department of Law Enforcement Instructor, Defensive Tactics for Probation Officers Instructor, Crisis Intervention and Prevention Training (initial course and refresher times two)

Military M-1 Rife, Military M-16 Rife, Military M-16A1 Rife (sharpshooter), Firearms Training Correctional Officer (sidearm and shotgun), Firearms Training Correctional Probation Officer (and repeated annual re-qualifications), Florida Concealed Carry Permit
Hand Grenade, Impact Weapons Instructor (and a renewal course), Mace Instructor, Bo Staff, Escrima Sticks, Escrima Knife Defense Training, Archery experience

Summary of Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Weapons Training
Defensive Tactics Training is a very helpful background for any type of people skills dependent endeavor. Defensive Tactics Training is a practical and tangible demonstration of self-discipline, calmness under pressure, self-control, and self-confidence. Of all the Defensive Tactics, firearms, and weapons training I have had the thing of which I most proud is the fact that, outside of a dojo or the line of duty, I have never been in a personal fight since 7th grade. I believe the primary defensive tactic is basic psychology, self-confidence, and good sincere communication. That works 99.9% of the time, and when it does not you can almost always walk away. Additionally, I have had several counseling, negotiation, communication, and crisis intervention courses providing ample training in volatile situation assessment and actions to avoid confrontations. I have published on communication as an alternative to physical confrontation. More importantly, I have had numerous volatile and nonvolatile real life experiences providing the opportunity to prove and refine my communication, crisis intervention, negotiation, counseling, and other people skills. To that can be added years of counseling, training and teaching experience.

Teaching, History, Sailing, Camping, Survival Camping, SCUBA [NAUI certified O/W PADI certified Adv. O/W, EAD, Peek, EO2, EFR, Rescue Diver] Canoeing, Fitness, Martial Arts, Cycling, Writing, Speaking, Theology, Apologetics, Cooking, Home Repairs

It is far easier to write about a philosophy of life than it is to live by one. I write this with very real understanding of my shortcomings as well as my gifts, talents, and abilities. I usually
wear a diaper pin or at least have one on my keychain to remind myself of my basics and to serve as constant mnemonic to check my daily life against what I say I believe. I realize that if you really want to know what someone believes it is not found in what they say. Rather it is found in what they actually do day by day, especially when no one is thought to be looking. It is a daily goal not always achieved yet toward which I always strive. I have 36 “basics” 12 Philosophical Basics, 12 Theological Basics, and 12 Life Practical Basics. Believing it is far more important to know what a man is at the core than what he may have accomplished on the surface. I have attached a copy summary of my basics – Why I Wear a Diaper Pin.

We would all do better in life if we could consistently remember three simple things:

1. That which is, is, and that which is not, is not that which is. Although it does not always need
to remain so, sometimes it does.
2. The GOOD news and the BAD news: The BAD news is that I am fully, always, and without
any excuse whatsoever responsible for my own behavior. The GOOD news is that I am not
responsible for anybody else’s behavior.

3. There is a God and He is not me.
Most people do not experience life. They merely add years to their experience not experience to their years. Wisdom is not a function of intelligence, age, or experience. It the skill to actually apply the correct lessons from experience and a growing understanding of how to learn from the experiences of others (which is far less painful) because you will never live long enough to screw up that many times yourself. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. The end of wisdom is obedience to Him.

One of my favorite personal challenges is to always be able to say, “I am more mature today than I was five years ago. I shall be very disappointed in myself if I can say the same thing five years from now.”
Available upon request
In addition to recent references, I have numerous letters of reference dating back to 1970’s showing a consistent pattern of commendable work ethics, professional commitment, a commitment to education, training, and self-improvement as well as a well established habit of going beyond the merely required.

Last update 20FEB2013