Personal Testimony



Basically, you could divide my work life up into fifths each sprinkled with portions of about a quarter of a century of formal education. FIRST - I spent two honorable tours in the US Army separated by a decade. SECOND - I have about 10 years experience in the auto repair industry. THIRD - For about 20 years, I was in criminal justice. FOURTH - I have now chosen to be an educator, which is the mode actually, I have been in all my life. FIFTH - I do not believe that what is traditional “retirement” today is a Biblical concept. Humans are most happy when they are working with a sense of purpose. I now draw a pension and access such funds as are available to me. I am able to live at the standard of living at which I have chosen to live. From then until I die and go to heaven I intend to continue teaching by speaking, writing, publishing, and marketing in an evangelism, discipleship, and apologetics ministry through a local church and in my own business.