There was a time when one could hold in suspect any religious group that was not a 501C3. However, gone are the days when government was proChristian. It has become in many ways anti-Christian. Christian groups are forced to weight the encroachment of our antiChristian government against the tax advantages. The selective enforcement of laws against conservative Christians is well documented; in addition to the illegal pressures, surveillance, and threats. We have elected to forgo the tax advantages of a 501C3 in order avoid restrictions. However, in order to avoid any appearance of impropriety with that decision we also refuse to accept any gifts whatsoever. All income is from sale of product or services i.e. books, DVDs, speaking fees. No offerings, donations, love gifts, contributions are accepted. If your feel that you cannot resist the urge to give, give to your local church or to the one I attend. To support this ministry directly simply buy the products produced by this business/ministry and/or recommend the seminars and website to others .
I attend:


2350 Frankfort Avenue
Panama City, FL 32405
(850) 7699354
I suggest you mark any giving for the general fund. It is always easier to get people to give to special or pet causes then to pay the routine bills. This is a strong Bible believing reformed church.